SQL Server DBMS Top 1 Wish List

As an addition to Teo Lachev’s Top 10 Wishlists (SSAS and SSRS), I would like to contribute only 1 item to a possible SQL Server DBMS wishlist:

1. Source Control.

Not SourceSafe source control, but rather an automated version out-of-the-box, not relying on developers to check in/out. Rather, it should track the changes to the code as they are made, and a full version history should be available directly in the DBMS. It should not be too hard. After all, there is a nice database available, which can store code with its version numbers just like anything else.

This would make a lot of developers’ lives a bit less frustrating.

OK, a SQL code “beautifier” would also be nice, but it is not all that important…

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2 thoughts on “SQL Server DBMS Top 1 Wish List”

  1. a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog on this, and for now, I just did it myself, automated source control from SQL using DDL triggershttp://blog.stevienova.com/2009/11/24/sql-server-schema-automatic-revision-history-using-ddl-triggers-and-svn/


  2. I guess it would work, but I still think that SQL Server needs native support for source control. Thanks for sharing.


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