Reporting Services 2008 Layout Properties Glitch

Today while working with a basic sample dashboard in SSRS I noticed that for some reason one of my subreports disappeared: 

While it got rendered on its own in Report Manager, when I placed it within a subreport (with no other containers around it) it just refused to show up. One of the properties I tried was the Layout menu item on the subreport:

To my surprise, selecting the “Bring To Front” option solved my problem: 


This one was also hard to understand since it rendered correctly in BIDS, leading me to think that there is something wrong with my browser or report server setup. It seems like report items can be sent behind the report background, which at a first glance seems like a confusing and redundant bit of functionality. I also unsucessfully tried to reproduce this in SQL 2005, so it must be a new “feature”. Also, it happened without any action on my part – I did not edit any layout options prior to its disappearance. 

EDIT (15/01/2010)
The issue appears only with a subreport containing a Map. Interestingly, the Map actions – I have a Go To URL on the states still work, but the actual image gets lost somehow. 

EDIT (21/01/2010)
Microsoft replied with the following: 

Posted by Microsoft on 20/01/2010 at 11:25 AM
Thank you for reporting this issue. It only happens if the Map is the first report item on the Subreport and there are no Data Sets specified. You can work around this problem by placing the Map into a Rectangle report item.

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