Sneak Peak at my session at Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 Australia

Without revealing too much, if you turn up for the “Budgeting, Planning and Performance Management with the Microsoft BI Stack” on this year’s Tech Ed on the Gold Coast you can expect to see the following:

  1. SharePoint 2010 + PerformancePoint Services + Excel Services in action
  2. Excel 2010 (What-If Analysis in Pivot Tables sourced from write-enabled SSAS cubes)
  3. An enterprise model showing some concepts and ideas
  4. New and enhanced features of the 2010 releases of SharePoint and Excel

Some background knowledge of the Microsoft BI Stack is very much preferable as it can get a bit complex at times, however if you are wondering how Microsoft Business Intelligence can deliver on the keywords in the presentation title you will definitely see some ideas.

  • Seasoned BI professionals will see some new features
  • Inexperienced BI professionals will see a lot of new features and an overall solution architecture which may help them to get further in the area
  • Other IT professionals will see how Microsoft BI is on the way of making their daily jobs obsolete in some areas
  • Business people (especially ones involved in planning and performance management in their organisation) will see how Microsoft can enhance/simplify/make exciting their everyday lives
  • An especially strong warning for senior executives: You may feel like you are currently missing out and experience a sudden urge to allocate more funds to your IT department
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