Cleaning up Hanging Traces with PowerShell

This post is a brief follow-up to my previous post Counting Number of Queries Executed in SSAS. There we saw how we can create and save server-side traces in PowerShell. If you have played with those scripts chances are you have a few hanging traces on your servers. Other possible sources of hanging traces could be Profiler crashes (not on close as it usually cleans after itself), or other applications which do not drop traces they create. To check what’s running on your servers have a look at the XMLA scripts in this blog post by Karen Gulati. It could be nice to have a PowerShell script which drops all traces other than the ones you need. The following script does just that. As it loops over a number of servers you don’t need to install it on multiple machines (provided you have a suitable account). Note that if you are an ASTrace user you may not want to use this as the traces ASTrace creates do not have distinctive names which you can add to the $ExcludeTraces array, so the script would just clean them up as well.

    "Microsoft.AnalysisServices") > $null
$SSASServers = @("myserver1", "myserver2")
$ExcludeTraces = @("FlightRecorder", "Important Trace")

foreach($srv in $SSASServers) {
    $conn = 
        New-Object Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Server

    $traces = @($conn.Traces | 
        where {!($ExcludeTraces -contains $_.Name)})
    $cnt = $traces.Count-1

    while($cnt -ge 0) {


Thanks to Darren Gosbell for his assistance with all things PowerShell 🙂