Tech Ed Online Video Released – Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management with the Microsoft BI Stack

Just a quick one – I just noticed that most of the sessions from Microsoft Tech Ed Australia 2010 have been released, including the one from my session. If you don’t mind thick accents (French and Bulgarian) feel free to have a look:

Avanade on Tech Ed Australia 2010

A few days ago I got asked by the IM Director for Avanade Australia Lionel Gomes Da Rosa whether I would like to co-present with him on Tech Ed Australia 2010 on a very interesting topic – “Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management with the Microsoft BI Stack”.

I have had a few planning and forecasting implementations in the past (one of which got presented on the Microsoft BI Summit 2007 – not by myself unfortunately) and I am looking forward to the chance to co-present at this exciting event this year. It will be a 300 session (meaning that it will not be an intro and the audience would need some technical knowledge to grasp the concepts in their entirety) and this makes it even more attractive from my point of view as it will be targeting devs rather than the general public. Nothing wrong with the general public, of course – just that I am a dev at heart 🙂

See you there!